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Wall Decor

Orac Decor® ornaments are crafted from advanced technological materials, making them resistant, waterproof, lightweight, and of superior quality. Our products are versatile and easy to install, allowing for hassle-free installation. Additionally, all the products can be painted immediately, providing endless customisation possibilities.

From functional skirting boards and characterful cornice mouldings to indirect LED lighting elements and 3D wall decor panels, ORAC offers creative freedom to find your own unique style.


If you want to evoke an atmosphere of stately homes, majestic hotels or huge castles, you can in an instant with wall mouldings, which exist in all sizes, shapes and styles. From simple and smooth to finely sculptured. They are light, easy to install, paintable and many mouldings are available in a flexible format for use on curved walls and ceilings.

They allow you to create wainscoting or frames on the walls and ceilings. As a result, panel mouldings offer endless combinations to create charming spaces.


A cornice forms a visual transition between wall and ceiling, hides cracks and imperfections and adds dynamism to your interior. The multitude of styles and finishes is also unrivalled from sleek and modern to ornamented and classic. The coving, made from light, strong and durable paintable materials, that are extremely easy to install. The integrated glue grooves guarantee a swift glue application.


Are you looking for that perfect skirting board to give your interior that finishing touch? A stylish skirting board that hides your ugly cables discretely? Or a cover skirting to quickly camouflage your old skirting boards? A skirting board is an elegant connection between the floor and the wall. But skirtings do so much more. They add character to your interior, can visually raise the ceiling, are a convenient way to cover a messy seam between the wall and the floor… In short, they are essential in any room! 

All skirting boards are made of sturdy Duropolymer® – an extruded and impact-resistant high-density polystyrene mix. This material is knock- and water-resistant. You can paint it together with the walls or accentuate it with another colour.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect LED lighting elements private atmosphere in homes, shops, offices and hotels. Like all other Orac Decor® products, they can be painted along with the walls and ceilings.

The cornice lighting range offers sleek designs as well as organically shaped models and most can be fitted as an uplighter or downlighter. One thing is certain: coving lighting profiles strengthen the architecture and are guaranteed to provide the right mood.

3D Wall Panels

The sleek, modern designs suit contemporary homes, by adding a dramatic 3D form. For maximum effect use them with indirect lighting. This will allow ample opportunities to personalise any room.

Decor Elements

Understated and dignified classic interiors, can be created with our deco elements. Ceiling roses, ceiling tiles, columns or pilasters, just follow your imagination.

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