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Bathrooms Terms & Conditions

  1. Goods

1.1 Upon of finalising of the order Tile by Tile or an appointed third party will deliver the Goods to you within normal business days and hours, excluding bank and public holidays. Delivery dates and times are approximate, and Tile by Tile is not responsible for any delays caused by manufacturers or suppliers.

1.2 If any Goods are damaged or incomplete upon delivery, you must notify Tile by Tile within 48 hours and provide photographic evidence if requested. Tile by Tile will, at its sole discretion, either repair damaged Goods, deliver missing parts, or provide replacements.

1.3 Except for damaged or faulty Goods, Goods may only be returned within 7 days of delivery, in unopened original packaging, and are subject to a 25% restocking charge.

1.4 You acknowledge and accept that any bespoke orders, including tiles, bathroom furniture, shower glass, and worktops, placed pursuant to this Agreement are non-refundable and non-returnable.

1.5 If Tile by Tile provides any design as part of the Goods supply, it relies on measurements supplied by you. You are responsible for ensuring correct configuration and sizing of the design. Tile by Tile accepts no further responsibility once the design is provided.

1.6 No warranty is provided for the handling and installation of products purchased from external sources.

1.7 Customers are responsible for ensuring proper handling and installation of products acquired from third-party vendors.

  1. Services

2.1 Upon receipt of the required deposit, Tile by Tile agrees to commence provision of the Services as detailed on the Order.

2.2 Tile by Tile will not provide any guarantee or warranty regarding any existing goods that it is required to remove or re-fit. Damages upon removal are not Tile by Tile’s responsibility.

2.3 Tile by Tile will only install tiles procured from Tile by Tile as part of the original order.

2.4 Unless otherwise agreed, Tile by Tile is not responsible for the removal of wallpaper, decorating, or refitting of other flooring outside of the installation room.

2.5 Adequate supply of hot and cold water to the room is the customer’s responsibility.

  1. Design, Drawings, and Installation

3.1 All drawings and designs supplied by Tile by Tile are for illustrative purposes only.

3.2 Upon acceptance of a design and where Tile by Tile provides the Services, Tile by Tile will carry out a technical site survey and confirm any changes that may be needed to complete the Services. This may include adaptations to your existing cold and hot water supplies or electric supplies during and after installation Services, and therefore, you accept that additional changes may be necessary.

3.3 Upon payment of the deposit, Tile by Tile shall arrange an installation date with you. These dates are estimates only, and you acknowledge that the date may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond Tile by Tile’s control. Tile by Tile agrees to give you as much notice as possible in the event of any changes.

3.4 Once Tile by Tile confirms an installation date with you, you understand and agree that no further changes may be made to the original design without incurring additional costs and possibly delaying the delivery and performance of the Services.

3.5 You understand and acknowledge that all installation dates and completion dates are estimates only, and completion may take longer than originally anticipated. You agree to ensure uninterrupted access to the property, where possible, to allow Tile by Tile to perform and complete the Services in a timely manner.

3.6 After acceptance of the design the cancellation of bespoke Good shall require payment of 100% of the total fees due. For the UK stocked products Tile by Tile require a minimum of 4 weeks’ written cancellation notice. For any orders cancelled with less than 4 weeks written notice, you agree to pay a 25% administration charge of the total fees due.

3.7 You acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of materials and production processes, product dimensions may vary within a tolerance of -/+ 10 mm.

  1. Fees & Payment

4.1 You agree to pay as follows:

– Goods only: 50% deposit and balance paid prior to delivery.

– Goods and Services: 30% deposit of total to secure installation date, 60% of total paid prior to delivery, and the balance upon completion.

4.2 Late payment will bear interest at the rate of 4% per annum above the base-lending rate of the high street banks in England or the maximum rate allowed by law.

4.3 All prices are exclusive of taxes (including, but not limited to VAT, export and import fees, and customs duties) for which you shall be responsible.

  1. Warranty and Disclaimer

5.1 Subject to payment of the fees under this Agreement, Tile by Tile agrees to provide a 2-year warranty for Services. All goods supplied are covered with individual manufacturer’s product guarantee.

5.2 This warranty shall not apply if the Goods not supplied by Tile by Tile and are not in accordance with this Agreement or the Documentation; or the Goods and/or Services have been modified or installed by anyone other than Tile by Tile.

5.3 Any liability of Tile by Tile (including its suppliers) for a breach of the above warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of such Goods.

5.4 In the event of a supply of Goods only warranty claim pursuant to this section, any liability of Tile by Tile shall be limited to the repair or replacement of such Goods, and Tile by Tile shall have no liability for any associated installation or remedial repairs or costs.

  1. Changes and Termination

6.1 Tile by Tile is not obligated to do any work not specified in the installation specification.

6.2 Tile by Tile shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement, and all works shall cease immediately in the event of failure to make payment in accordance with section 4 above. However, you shall remain liable for all costs due and payable up to the date of termination.

6.3 Ordering mistakes by you with regards to size, color, or specification will not constitute grounds for cancellation or termination by you.

  1. Limitations of Liability

7.1 The installer shall not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred during the installation process, including but not limited to property damage, personal injury, or financial losses.

7.2 The installer shall not be responsible for any pre-existing conditions or issues discovered during the installation, including but not limited to structural deficiencies or hidden damages.

7.3 The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the installer from any claims, demands, or liabilities arising out of or related to the installation services.

  1. Data

8.1 We may collect data supplied by you in the course of ordering, registering, or using Goods or Services, such as names and contact details. This data will be subject to Tile by Tile’s Privacy Policy.

  1. General

9.1 Unless otherwise agreed, you consent to Tile by Tile erecting an advertising board at your property for the duration of the installation Services, and to the use of pictures of the installation and after instsllation for advertising purposes.

9.2 Prior to commencement of delivery or installation, you agree to make all reasonable efforts to clear a space for the Goods and ensure access to your property.

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