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Recommended Designers

Meet our recommended interior designers, each showcasing unique styles and diverse approaches. Despite their differences, they share a common brilliance in crafting interiors and homes with flair, demonstrating sensitivity to both surroundings and people who leave there.

Amy Newton Interiors

Amy Newton Interiors is a residential interior design studio based in Sale, South Manchester. Amy collaborates seamlessly with clients, bringing a harmonious blend of form and function into their homes. Her commitment to creating design schemes that provide the ‘wow’ factor is evident in every project, with a keen eye for detail and collaboration. Amy believes that design goes beyond aesthetics; it becomes a tailored experience that enhances daily living.
Amy Newton Interiors provides a variety of interior design Services, from Consultancy to a Bespoke Interior Design Service with Trade Co-ordination. Amy offers a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss how you can work together and embark on a journey to elevate your home.

Ava Rose Interiors

Ava Rose Interiors are an established & well respected Interior Design Studio, based in the South of Manchester. At Ava Rose Interiors, they pride themselves on being naturally empathetic Designers, taking time to really understand their clients & providing cohesive schemes that really reflects those clients as individuals. With a strong interest in Wellness and Mindfulness, Jane, the founder of Ava Rose Interiors truly believes that both have a strong connection with Interior Design, creating spaces that truly make people happy, calm and inspired.

Contact Details:

07717 732094

Gail Marsden Design

Synonymous with calm and curated design, Gail Marsden is a Cheshire based consultancy that rests on its reputation. We have gathered a loyal following of appreciative clients who understand the impact of our signature use of space and refinement.
Our company has built up a nucleus of bespoke specialists and suppliers, all with a proven track record. They work to the highest standards, understand our vision and deliver the quality required for prestigious individual residences.
Thank you for visiting our website, if you have a potential new project, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

0161 439 2197

Interiors by Jackson Heim

At Jacksonheim Interiors, our goal is to create the next generation of homes away from home at the highest of standards. We offer a full range of interior design services, from renovation and refurbishment to bespoke furniture packages and space planning.
We believe in an unconventional approach to design and enjoy exploring innovative and creative solutions to optimise existing spaces. We use our extensive knowledge and industry expertise to apply new and fresh designs to tired homes. Life is too short to spend it in dull un-functional spaces, which drives us to think outside the box and design interiors that exude functional opulence.
We take pride in choosing high-quality products and finishes to ensure we are providing an excellent service to our clients. We are constantly producing new ideas and concepts so that our designs are never repeated but always remembered.

0161 726 5059

The Space Whisperer

The Space Whisperer is an Italian design studio that creates beauty and balance.
We combine solid architectural practice with interior design to create breathtaking spaces.
Shapes, materials and colours are like musical notes that we use to create the perfect environment for our clients.
From new builds, extensions & renovations to interior design, remodelling and home staging, we design every inch of space.


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