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Tecnografica Decorative Panels

Decorative panels are custom-made to meet the needs and requirements of the client. Everything from the colour, size, shape and design is crafted with passion and to impress. Panels are available in multiple finishes, including glass, backlit with LED technology. They can be produced in large format sizes up to 3m high and are suitable for any commercial or residential environments.

Dècora Glass

Dècora Glass is the exclusive decorative panel produced from laminated glass. Thanks to their large dimensions (up to 1480×3000 mm) and reduced thickness (8.7 mm), Dècora Glass panels are suitable for covering large surfaces. The resistance of the glass also allows the use of these panels as counter tops or to support surfaces on tables and furniture.

Dècora Glass LED

The Dècora Glass decorative panels are also available in the backlit version, integrated with a LED lighting system. Dècora Glass LED overall thickness is 23,7 mm. The luminous panel structure, allows a uniform distribution of the light on the whole slab surface. Moreover, custom sizes can be obtained, within the extra large dimensions, to meet the needs of each project. Dècora Glass Backlit can be easily installed on site with elegant aluminium clips profiles.

Dècora LED

This unique patented Decorative Light Panel System combines decoration with built in LED technology. Light disperse evenly from the center to the edges creating continuous, spectacular unseen backlit effect. Dècora LED boasts an excellent light and color rendering, together with a low energy consumption. The shape of Dècora LED support can be customised to suit any project.

Smart Panel

Smart Panel represents a revolution in the world of big slabs and wallcoverings. Produced in polycarbonate, this is a large decorative panel (up to 150×300 cm), ultra-thin (only 2.5 mm thick), ultra-light (3 kg/ m2), and extremely flexible. In fact it is suitable for curved walls and columns.

Moreover, its perfect for wet environments, such as bathrooms and showers. Available in gloss and matt finishes, reproducing perfectly precious stones, including onyx, agate and marble.

Alex Turco Artistic Surfaces

These decorative epoxy resin art panels are custom made to meet the needs and requirements of the client. Everything from the colour, size and design is completely customisable. These breathtaking Hand decorated artistic surfaces can be installed and appreciated in any location, weather or temperature. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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