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The Power of Grout!

When it comes to tiles, grout is not only a functional material but can also be used as a style tool! Choosing the right grout can make a huge difference to your project, so here are a few tips to help: 

If you want a seamless look, choose a grout that matches the colour of your tiles. For a fine, invisible grout line, go for rectified porcelain tiles with perfectly square edges and exact dimensions.

If you choose geometric-shaped tiles or decide to lay your tiles in a specific way, such as a herringbone or brick-bond pattern, use a grout that contrasts with the tile. There are many different colours of grout to choose from to make your project unique.

If you choose tiles with lots of colour variations, like concrete, stone-look, or wood effect, it is recommended to match the grout to the darker colour in the tile you have chosen. This will give you a more natural look. To get the perfect match, always make sure to take your tile samples with you when choosing grout.

There are two types of grout – epoxy and cement type. Epoxy is generally more expensive than cement grout. However, it has a few advantages. Epoxy grout is extremely durable, totally waterproof, and almost completely stain-proof. 

Please remember, using epoxy grout is not a straightforward process, especially compared to a cement-based grout. Make sure to use an experienced tiler or seek professional advice beforehand. 

In our showroom, we have multiple grout colour charts with over 100 grout shades to choose from. We are always here to help you find the perfect match.

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