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Product information

In what material are Orac Decor® products made?
Orac Decor® products are made from high-quality polymers combining the strong, workable, quality characteristics of synthetic materials and with the look of wood or plaster.
Can I use Orac Decor® products outside?

All Xterio and Purotouch® products can be used outside. Always use DecoFix Power as installation glue and DecoFix Extra for the joints. Please ensure all Purotouch® products are finished with an exterior paint. Xterio products will not require painting. Please make sure that any products being fitted externally are installed when the temperature is 5 degrees centigrade and rising.

What is the life time of the adhesive?
12 months after production, the expiring date is on the packaging.
What Fire Classification do our Orac Decor standard products have?
Fire standard E. This means the product can burn, will continue burning and will not automatically stop burning.
Can Orac Decor® products be treated with fire retardant paint?

Our products can be protected with a fire retardant paint. Many types of fire retardant paints exist and can be used, eg. the fire retardant paint AL20 (Aithon). Please call our customer engagement team for more information, you can find their contact details on the Homepage. Click here to download the Fire certificate.

Do Orac Decor® products have positive acoustic effects?

Orac Decor® 3D Wall Covering (W108-W109-W110) absorbs up to 25% of a conversation. They are also acoustically complementary with most other usual building materials. In other words, the ORAC profiles are a great way to optimize the sound balance in your room and to eliminate echoes. Acoustic reports are available on request, you can find the acoustic certificate here.

Do Orac Decor® products have positive thermal insulating effects?

The use of materials with high insulating properties ensures that our 3D Wall Covering profiles (W108-W109-W110) have a similar insulating effect as a standard insulating board of the same thickness. The installation of our profiles therefore not only provides an aesthetic upgrade to your space, but will also help stabilize the temperatures within.


Can everyone install Orac Decor® products?

Orac Decor® products are very simple to install. It is important to follow the installation instructions step by step, and to use the right glue. Click here to download the installation guide or to watch installation videos.

Are Orac Decor® products easy to paint over?
Yes, since all products have a matt primed surface. They have to be finished with a final coat of paint.
What is the best way to finish joints?

Orac Decor® offers a seam glue for perfect joints: DecoFix Extra. Once you have glued two moulding elements with Decofix Extra, it is important to push them against each other Any surplus glue should be removed immediately with a spatula. remove any glue residue after 20 minutes using a spatula and the joint should be lightly sanded. Then the joint can be finished with a filler. Click here to see the instruction video.

How do you remove glue residue?

– Decofix Pro (for interior porous surfaces): all surplus glue should be removed immediately with water.

– Decofix Power (for all exterior and interior surfaces): remove the surplus glue immediately with soapy water or a cloth.

– DecoFix Extra (for perfect joints): remove any glue residue after 20 minutes with a spatula and acetone, paint thinner or a cleaning cloth.

How should the curtain rails be installed?

Since glue is only applied to one side, it is important to always use DecoFix Power during the installation. The DecoFix Extra joint glue must also always be used.

Can you also place Orac Decor® products on painted surfaces?
Yes, you can. However, it is very important that the paint has a clean, dry and non-greasy surface. It goes without saying that the paint adhesion must be good. It is important to always sand off any remaining dirt and loose paint.
Can Orac Decor® products be applied on wallpaper?
It is best to remove the wallpaper before you install the Orac Decor® products. If necessary, you can cut and remove the relevant sections. If this is not possible, use DecoFix Power as the glue to affix Orac Decor® products.
How can I install a flexible moulding?

Click here to view the installation sheet and the radius for each Orac Decor® FLEX product.

Some more tips and ticks on Orac Decor® installation?

Check out here our installation tips and tricks.

Indirect lighting

Does Orac Decor® sell the lighting systems?
No, Orac Decor® only sells the LED coving and adhesives but you can get all your lighting elements from your lighting supplier.
Do I need aluminium support to hold the LED?
You will only need aluminium support if you are using the coving as downlighting. We also suggest using aluminium support for the Duropolymer® profiles (CX references) as this will prevent the light shining through the material. The Purotouch® profiles do not require this as the light will not shine through this material.
Should I buy 12-volt or 24-volt LED tape?
12-volt is the cheapest option, but 24 volt will usually give a more consistent light output along the entire length of LED tape.
Apart from the LED tape do I need anything else?
Yes, you will also need a “driver”. One 24-volt driver will power up to 10 metres of LED tape. We also recommend using aluminium channel to keep the LED tape flat when installed. The channel increases LED life and also ensures light can’t shine through the coving profile.
How do I avoid seeing “dots of light”?
We advise you to use an opal diffuser clipped into the aluminium channel.
How do I connect the driver to my power supply?
We recommend using a qualified electrician, who will be aware of electrical legislation and can wire your LED tape directly to a light switch. Alternatively, you can simply add a plug to the driver and power the LED tape from a socket (although this will inevitably look less attractive).
Where do I hide the LED driver?
Most modern drivers are surprisingly slim and can be installed inside the light trough. When installing Compact Design Lighting or our 50 x 50mm lighting profiles the driver should be installed remotely.
What is the maximum permissible temperature for Orac Decor® profiles in combination with lighting?
Orac Decor® profiles can withstand temperatures of up to 70°C.
Can I install the indirect lighting profiles upside down?
Yes. If you want to use the LED bars as down lighter, you have to install an aluminum support to integrate the LED bar afterwards.
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