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Bathroom Lighting Guide

Choosing the right lighting is a crucial step in the bathroom design process. Explore our comprehensive bathroom lighting guide to understand the practical and safety considerations for illuminating your bathroom space. 

Designing your bathroom involves numerous considerations, from fixtures and accessories to storage and coverings. Lighting plays a vital role in bathrooms, often challenging due to their compact size. Making the correct lighting choices not only improves visibility but can also make smaller, dimly lit spaces appear more spacious. Consider how you use your bathroom space and plan your lighting accordingly, making the design and planning process more straightforward. 

Assess the natural daylight in your bathroom. Do you apply makeup in the bathroom? Is it a relaxing space for evening baths? 

Consider various light types such as ceiling lights, spotlights, ambient furniture and mirror lights, bathroom cabinet lights or beautiful wall light framing your vanity feature.

Bathroom Lighting Zones and Regulations

IP Rating

Bathroom lights come with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating, indicating their protection against intrusion and moisture. Learn how the IP rating system works to ensure the right level of protection for your bathroom lighting.

Bathroom Zones

Divide your bathroom into different zones when planning your lighting. Zones include:

Zone 0: Inside the bath or shower; requires low-voltage, IP67-rated fittings.

Zone 1: Above the bath or shower up to 2.25m in height; minimum IP45 required, with IP65 commonly accepted.

Zone 2: An area extending 0.6m outside the bath perimeter up to 2.25m in height; requires at least IP44. Also, consider a 60cm radius around a washbasin as Zone 2.

Outside Zones: Anywhere outside Zones 0, 1, and 2, where no water jet is likely to be used. Suggested IP rating of at least IP20+.

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