Make the most of your space

Make the most of your space

Big or small? Pattern or plain? Light or dark?

With a wide array of designs, sizes and materials now available, the question is how to make sure you choose the right tile to make the most of your space?

We will be delighted to guide you through the process. In the meantime, here are a few tile tips for how to make your room appear larger:

Get creative with the laying – simple geometric shaped tiles, textured tiles and inventive laying patterns can all create interest without imposing on a small room, instead making it feel more spacious.

Large rectified tiles, with minimal grouting, can make a small area look a whole lot bigger, as there are no thick grout lines to break up your view.

Dark coloured tiles can certainly be used in smaller homes. Choose a gloss finish and the light will still be bouncing around the room creating space. Or use a dark flooring tile set against a light wall to appear to expand the floor space.

If your room has a low ceiling, lay narrow tiles vertically on the wall to draw the eye up and create a taller area.

The growing trend this year is to mix and match different colours, textured and patterns. Extra large tiles with small decorative, combining wood effect and stone effect, matt and gloss – there are endless creative combinations to choose from. To make it easy, we offer free design advice to help match up your perfect tiles.

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